Peanut Butter &Cinnamon Rolls

Do you fancy a warm sweet snack? Today we bring you Cinnamon and Peanut Butter Rolls hot as hell! Most of you know tho world famous Cinnamon Rolls, but we wanted to twist the roll and add something that we love sooo much, Peanut Butter.

·Ingredients: (Yield 16 rolls)


200g Flour

100g Milk

40g Sugar

37g Butter

8g Fresh Yeast (2-3g Dry Yeast)

2g Salt (just a pinch!)

3g Cinnamon Powder


40g Peanut Butter

10g Sugar

5g Salt

10g Cinnamon



  1. Firts of all warm up the milk, then pour it into a bowl with butter and yeast, mix it all.
  2. In another bowl, put the 80% of the flour and pour in the liquid mix. Mix it and then keep adding the rest of the flour.
  3. Once it’s all added, it’s time to kneed, use the table. Sprinkle some flour to avoid sticking. Kneed for around 10 minutes, until the dough is soft and elastic.

  4. Place the dough forming a perfect ball into a bowl, cover it and let it ferment for 40 minutes or 1 h (or until the volume doubled).
  5. Meanwhile mix the peanut butter with the cinnamon, the sugar and the salt and set it apart.
  6. Then, for some decoration, we’re going to caramelize some peanuts, you can chose something different, just use your imagination! In a pan, place 35g of sugar, a heat it until it starts to melt and take brown colour, then add some salty toasted peanuts and 10g of butter, mix it all together and place it into a baking paper, let it dry and then crush it, set it apart.
  7. Once the dough is already fermented. Roll it in a “rectangle” form. The thickness should be less than 1 cm.
  8. Spread the peanut butter mix in one part of the dough, sprinkle some peanuts, all around, after close it like a simple fold of puff pastry, like closing a book.
  9. Warm up oven for 45-50ºC for a second fermentation (DONT PUT IT YET!)
  10. Roll a little bit more and cut around 1 cm thick shreds of the dough.
  11. Roll into itself forming a roll and place it into a buttered baking tray.
  12. Ferment the rolls around 30 minutes. (2nd fermentation) You can bake it all together forming kind of a cake or bake it seperately for individual portions.
  13. Once fermented, heat the oven to 200ºC. Sprinkle above the crushed peanuts and bake it for around 10-12 minutes.
  14. Serve it warm.



Entering into Baklava Heaven!

Is someone craving a dessert? This the king of the desserts, it will rule, and satisfy all your sweet world.

We are going to explain you a magic of Baklava!

If you are happen to visit Turkey, this the the must to eat once you stepped a way from the plane.

You can find baklava everywhere, but you should seek for the best ones, of course best ones are in Gaziantep, but there is numerous of baklava chefs who continue to make baklava in the propriete way.

There is couple of things you need to take care of;

  1. The crispiness of the dough; used an oil, which is butter but without any trace of milk solids. It is called Sadeyag. This oil very expensive, thus most of the baklava places are not using it. Results with heavy smell of fat.
  2. The quality of pistachios, or nuts; if they use already grounded or milded pistachios, we would hesitate to buy, because it can be peas. Great baklava chefs, always buy their pistachios and ground it themselfs.


But hey! Don’t be overwhelmed looking for the perfect baklava, smelling around the pieces and that checking weird stuff. Just try some which is good looking for you, experience every one if you like. Give a chance to our recommendations after!

Let us introduce you to a one of the best baklava place in Istanbul!

Karakoy Gulluoglu!


This is a family baklava place that passed through father and sons, they are in this business since 1820, last legacies of this business got seperated from each other, and they open on their own. One of them became the biggest baklava chain, one of them remained with one store, but in our opinion is the best after their Gaziantep shop.

It is located in Karakoy, an area with seaside to Marmara sea, you can enjoy the view, watch fishing people, you can watch sunset, which is very romantic.

Let’s get back to delicacies…

As you enter, you can smell the buttery aromas dancing with toasted nuts. You can feast with your eyes, the colours, the shapes, the flavours that varies through every display.


You can try, which one you like, with safety you will like them all.

We tried, a mixed plate of baklava, and one of our favourite ‘havuc dilim baklava’.

The mixed baklava portion, in our opinion is one of the best plates to try, since you are able to try six assortiment of baklava. The ‘sarma’ baklava is 100 percent pistachio, you will die for it.

The havuc dilim baklava, is a big, fatty baklava father. You eat and you die out of tastiness. it is crispy, relatively sweet, filled with pistachios. You can eat it with kaymak or ice-cream, which will soften up the sweet taste.

                                                                            Just enjoy it!

How much it cost:

Karisik Baklava 1 portion: 18tl/ 4.50 euros

Havuc Dilim Baklava: 16 tl/ 4 euros


How to reach:

You can reach with tram; Karakoy station,

You can reach with nostalgic tram from Sishane; Karakoy station

You can reach with ferry; if you are coming from Asian side, Karakoy station.


They are sending their baklavas abroad!

Order yours here…




Traditional Catalan Chicken!

Every family has their own way of cooking catalan chicken, some of them even use different kinds of chicken or poultry! This is a christmas recipe, all family members get together, and enjoy this juicy, sweet ,and salty dish by dipping some bread into the sauce madly. Despite it’s a Cristhmas recipe, we wanted to share it with you, because it’s been so long that we were not in Barcelona (our other city) and we miss the incredible catalan cuisine! Said that, let’s rost it up!

Ingredients (4 Pax):

-1 kg Chicken thigs*

-60 gr Butter**

-10gr Olive Oil

-1 Onion

-4 Garlic cloves

-1 Juicy Tomatoe

-1 Cinnamon stick

-2 Bay leaves

-40g Dry fruits

-30g Dry nuts***

-1 Glass sweet wine

-1 Glass white wine

-Salt and Pepper

-Some water or Chicken Broth


  1. The night before make sure to put the dry fruits with the sweet wine to rehidratate those. Keep it in the fridge until you need it. If you dont have sweet wine just use a bit more white whine and if you dont want to add it, just use chicken broth or water.

2. In a big frying pan (yes ours is small :/ ), heat the butter and the olive oil. Season chicken with black pepper, and salt.


3.Once the butter is melted and the fat is hot enough, “rost” the chicken all sides until its getting brown tone color. Be careful not to burn the fat because it’ll afect to the flavor and health of the dish!

3. Once the butter is melted and the fat is hot enough, “rost” the chicken all sides until its getting brown tone color. Be careful not to burn the fat because it’ll afect to the flavor and health of the dish!
4. Once we have the chicken, we set it apart and then we fry the garlic cloves, the cinnamon stick and the bay leaves (be sure to break each of this items you add, just a bit, to take out all the aroma they have).


5. Fry a little bit and then add the onion in julien (thin slices). Cook it in high temperature stiring not to burn the vegetables. It has to take a nice brown color.

6. Meanwhile chop the tomatoes nicely. Once the onion has a nice color and it’s cooked enough, add the tomatoe and keep cooking it high temperature until it breaks to boil, then slow it down and leave it cooking around 15 minutes.

7. Now. it is time to add the chicken. We wanted this vegeatbles to be nicely cooked and caramelised for next step! Add the chicken, the sweet wine (drain and keep the dry fruits), the white wine and some water until the chicken it’s covered.


8. Bring it to boil and then slow it down, we want it to cook so slow to get a soft and juicy meat. It will take around 35-40 minutes.


9. When you see that the liquid it’s reduced and thick and the chicken its perfectly cooked, add the dry fruits and the nuts (already toasted). Finally serve it and ejoy it!!!! DON’T forget to dip the juice with some nice bread!



Bon Profit!


*:The traditional one is with the whole chicken but we decided to use only the tighs. You can use the part you must like but be aware that the ones that doesnt have bones are going to be more dry, less juicy.

**:It’s typical to use pork or duck fat. But here in Istanbul we couldn’t find it so we decided to do it with some butter. You can only use olive oil or other kind of oil.

***: The dry nuts and fry fruits are the most important item of this dish. Traditionally people uses pine nuts and dry plumps but you can use your imagination a try different combinations depending the kind of dry fruits or nuts you have in your country!

Best Pide in Istanbul!

Imagine a thin dough is a shield for a runny cheese, and a bomb of Turkish cured meat Pastrami, combined with the buttery egg yolk. It makes you hungry, right?

Majority of people do not know what’s a Pide, if you have visited turkey or you know about turkish gastronomy, you’ll know for sure this delicious bite! For those who doesnt know, Pide it is like a pizza dough, but different in its own way.  Pide is a famous traditional food from north of Turkey, called Karadeniz, more specifically Samsun city.

Pide can be served in different shapes, round and longwise, and longwise pide can be covered like Calzone or not. It is all about style of eating it.

In Istanbul, there is couple of location to have a good pide, Lider Pide, Pideban or Pidesun. We decided to try Pideban this time…

This place locates in Sariyer by the seaside, less crowd, more nature of Istanbul.



The retaurant decorated with nostalgic electronical mostly communication gadgets, and football uniforms.


We ordered longwise pide closed, with cheese, pastrami, and egg yolk, a round pide, with special Karadeniz cheese, and Kadayifi as a dessert.

They serve pides with Tursu( pickles plate) all the time.


The closed pastrami pide was something to die for, you can feel the satisfaction, mouthfeel, it is a short way to heaven. The cheese is running, egg yolk gives you a rich buttery feeling, and pastrami is a final touch to your dish.

The round pide with cheese was less crispy but with so much filled with cheese. The melted cheese, the soft dough and the creamy yolk gives you a bite which is a must experience in your life, contrasting the fatty flavour in your mouth with some refreshing  sour pickles. A perfect bite…


We sweetened our palate with soft Kadayifi, which was surprisingly delicious, we were not expecting that it will be good, it served with toasted hazelnuts.


We were satisfied from beginning to the end…

How much it cost:

Pastrami Pide: 18 tl/ 4.5 euros

Peynirli Pide: 15 tl/ 3.75 euros

Kadayifi: 7 tl/ 1,75 euros

How to reach:

You can take the bus from besiktas 25E and reach there in an hour.

Merkez Mahallesi, Nalbant Çeşme Cad. No:3, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul – Europe



Ottoman Palace Kitchen Experience

ASITANE Restaurant (Fatih, Istanbul)

A travel through Ottoman history…


We were so curious about this restaurant, because it is serving dishes from 14th century. They have researched through 1453 to 1918 Ottoman rule palace kitchen. You can taste dishes that belongs to 14th century, and have eaten by Ottoman’s sultans. Let’s dig into the our Ottoman dinner…

This resturant locates next to Byzantine Church, St. Savior in Chora, we strongly recommend to go to this church before you have lunch or dinner in Asitane. Currently, outside of the church is under renovation, so you can only see from inside the amazing mosaics.

We tried several dishes from the menu, Asitane treats, Taze fasulye micmeri, balli gemici boregi, kavun dolmasi, and osmanli helvalari.

For a beginning, they served two different bread, and olive oil, and green olive tapenade.


In our opinion, the olive oil was nice, and tapenade was spiced beautifully, but the bread could have been warm.

Asitane Lokmalari (Asitane Treats)


Ottoman Humus 1469: Hummus flavoured with currant, pine nuts, and cinammon. It was a sweet hummus, lacking a little bit of salt.

Lor Mahlutu (Lor Cheese Blend) 1898: Fresh cottage cheese, mixed with scallions, parsley, green peppers, tomatoes, rosemary, and paprika. It was nice compound of flavour, sweet, and tasty.

Fava: Creamed broad beans seasoned with dill, and served with drizzle of olive oil. It is typical meze that you can find in many restaurants, creamy, tasty, and fresh.

Dovme Hiyar Salatasi (Punded Cucumber Salad) 1844: Cucumber salad, served with pictachios, and onion. It was one of our favorite among all. Fresh and soft.

Balli Gemici Boregi (Sailor’s Roll)


Rolled pastry stuffed with cheese, and peas, lightly fried and served with honey. Interesting combination, the roll was crispy and the cheese was tasty, paired nicely with the peas, the honey (with some crispy currants on it) gave the sweet touch (always present in this ottoman dishes) that finished nicely the final flavour.

Taze Fasulye Micmeri(Grean Bean Fritters) 1898


Lightly fried grean bean, eggy fritters, flavoured with herbs, and a touch of all spice, served with tarator sauce. It was grean bean tempura, with a missing touch of salt, nice pairing with tarator sauce to dip.

Kavun Dolmasi (Stuffed Melon) 1539


Cored melon stuffed with blend of minced beef and lamb, rice, herbs, almonds, and currents, and then finished in the oven. In our opinion, this was one of the interesting dishes, since when you think about the melon, it does not come to your mind to stuff, and bake it. It was sweet, and spiced dish, mostly cinammon flavoured. Interesting to try, if you visit this restaurant, give it to go!

Osmanli Helvalari (Ottoman Halvas)


Me’muniyye: halva of ground rice, and rose water. It was fresh and different to taste.

Bal Helvasi (Honey Halva) 15th century: Roasted flour halva flavored with honey, pistachios, and poppy seeds. It was our favorite among halvas.

Levzine Helmasi (Almon Halva) 1539: It was similar to marzipan, different, and nice flavour.



We paired our dinner with Anfora Shiraz 2014. It was full bodied, a little bit dense wine. It was good with stuffed melon.


A nice surprise…

After our dinner, our waiter presented us a gift, they called ‘a rent for our teeth’, because we used our teeth to eat in this restaurant, and they a re paying respect for it. In our opinion it was a really nice touch…

Planning to visit again…

On fridays, and saturdays they have a degustation menu for 110 tl, which includes numerous amount of dishes with different sherbets. We are planning to visit to have full experience of Ottoman palace kitchen…


Food: 105 tl / 27 euros

Wine: 95 tl / 24 euros

How to go:

If you come by metro to Vezneciler, you can take a taxi for 10 tl (2.5 euros ), and you will be there so quick and easy.

Historical Shisha Venue

A perfect chilling spot to spend 2-3 hours, feeling yourself like Ottoman Sultan. Shisha is cultural habit of Turkey.

This venue locates in historical cemetery which is in Corlulu Ali Pasa Mederesesi, one of the oldest shisha spots. You can feel like you are in 17th or 18th century.


In this place, you can even purchase all merchandise for shisha, from botttom to the top.

As soon as you enter, you can be delighted by the aromas, get warmed up by a corner of hot coles. Old ottoman textured sofas, and oryantalist lamp are making the atmosphere even more delightful.

We ordered Grape-Mint, turkish coffee, lemonade, and mineral water.


The shisha was extraordinary, no wonder this place is open for long time. You can relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

The coffee was different from any other turkish coffees that you can try in Turkey. It was milder, almost green, it is called Menengic Coffee, which is made of the skin of pistachios. You can feel the nutty flavour, as you sip up your coffee.


If you don’t like coffee, you can try apple tea, which is sweet, and sour at the same time.

Just enjoy your moment like a sultan!


Çarsikapi, Yeniçeriler Cad No:36, 34120 Fatih/Istanbul

How to get there:

Take the tram that goes from Kabatas to Grand Bazaar

Get out at Grand Bazaar station, 2 minutes walk from the station.



Crispy Turkish snacks with smoked dip sauce

A mouth-watering snack that go along with every meal occasion like football games, movie party, friends reunion… An easy, delicious turkish snack…

Sigara Boregi (Cigarette Pastry), and Smoked Aubergine Yoghurt Dip

Sigara boregi is classical way of making a borek with yufka, the name comes from the shape of it.

Ingredients: Sigara Boregi

0.5 kg of Yufka pastry, or filo pastry

200 g feta cheese

2 tbsp Chopped parsley

Flavor with spices like chilli flakes, black pepper


  1. open up yufka or filo doughs on top each other.
  2. fold them from the middle to create halfmoon shape.
  3. fold them to create quarter of circle.
  4. cut them into triangles                                                            IMG_4447
  5. prepare a small bowl with water to close the tips of pastry
  6. smash feta cheese with fork, mix with all ingredients.
  7. put on the base of triangle a teaspoon of filling.                                                                                        IMG_4419 - copia
  8. fold in the edges and roll it.                                                                                                                  IMG_4420 - copia
  9. wet the tip of the triangle and close the pastry.                                                                                  IMG_4421
  10. follow up these techniques till you finish the pastry dough.
  11. Deep-fry it in oil and set it in a papper to remove the excess of fat (You can also bake it to avoid using oil)                                                                                                            IMG_4439
  12. Serve it hot!!

Smoked Aubergine Yoghurt Dip:


1 u. Aubergine

3 u. Cloves of Garlic

150g Greek Yoghurt

Salt and Pepper


  1. For the dip, grill the aubergine either in a bbq or on your stoves. (For instance we dont have a bbq so we did it on the stoves)
  2. Let it cool and peel it.
  3. Shreed it and mix it with the yoghurt and grated garlic. Add salt and pepper to your taste.
  4. You can keep the dip in the fridge a few days.


Enjoy your snacks! Afiyet olsun…