Silvia’s Limoncello(Part 2)

As a continuation to our first post of Silvia’s Limoncello…

We waited 15 days for infusion of lemon peels into an alcohol, 15 days more and your limoncello will be ready to drink.

It takes only 1 month to have your own limoncello… Good things takes time.

Silvia’s Limoncello Recipe

Peels of 1 kg of lemon
1.5 lt alcohol
1.5 lt water
1.1 kg sugar


1. Take the mixture of lemon peels, and alcohol. that waited for 15 days.
2. Make a basic sugar syrup with 1.5 lt water and 1 kg of sugar.
3. Let it cool. Incorporate it to lemon flavoured alcohol.
4. Let it wait another 15 days in the dark, cool place.
5. After a month of waiting, your limoncello ready to be enjoyed.

                                                    Share it with your friends and family!!


Sour Dough Starter

What is bread?
An ancient mixture of flour and water, but humanity transformed it through ages. They enriched the bread, with nuts, oats, seeds, sugar, butter, raw yeast, dry yeast, and wild yeast.

This week, we tried to make a sourdough. It is not our first attempt to make it, we did it when we were working in reastaurant, and usedit to make every week pizzas, bread, pitas, basically anything with flour and water we added sour dough mother…

It is imple to make, hard to maintain.., It becomes your baby, and you need to feed it constantly to maintain it alive.

75 g flour (all purpose flour)
75 g water (room temperature, drinkable)
Wild yeast

What is Wild Yeast?
It is a living organisms, they are everywhere. They are on your hands, furniture, air, spoon, spatula, flour, water.. Just let them do the trick.
The wild yeast varies through environment, climate, so if you make a sourdough starter in Russia, and you make it Barcelona, it will have different flavor, and qualities.

1. Weight flour and water.

2. Mix it homogeniously.

3. Cover with tablecloth, or cheesecloth.
4. Secure with rubber band.

5. Let it be at RT(19-24 C) for a day.

How to feed it:
Feed your baby sourdough with 75 g flour/75 g water mix everyday. If you reduce volume, feed the baby exact residual volume of your baby. For instance, you discarded half of starter, so you left with only 75 g of baby, then add 37.5flour/37.5 water.

If you want to make a sourdough starter with different flour,like rye, wholewheat or any other flour, Our advice is to start with all purpose, and use it as a base along the way.

Let’s make a baby! 
Follow our baby sour dough’s journey on our instagram page!

Instagram: wildfoodseekers

Chaka Khan (Barcelona, Catalunya)

An exotic gastro bar, this restaurant aims to serve aromas and tastes around the world. We were curious what they were going to offer us… We decided to visit this place to taste turkish and russian dishes.
The restaurant from outside looks simple and chic, they were accompany this look in interior decoration too.

We sat in front of the kitchen to see how they cook; open kitchens always amaze and entertain us. The head chef took really good care of us, and explained all the dishes with passion.

They A la Carte and Degustation Menu, we decided to take a la carte menu to try more dishes.

As a beginning, we ordered two ostras called Ostra Hanoi, from Vietnam. It served with coconut milk, kaffir lime juice and leaf. It was elegant and beautiful presentation.
Then, we had Jeow Mak Keua, from Laos. It is a spicy, charcoaled eggplant dip, served with Wonton Chips. It was interesting, but for our taste eggplant needs a little bit more smokiness, and salt.

Next, we had Vieiras en Carpaccio con Salsa XO, from China. The salsa CXo is made from dried scallops, it was one of our favorite dish, it was delicious.

It followed by Russian Svekla salad, It was beetroot salad dressed with lemon and cumin, they flavored it with anyse and smetana(a kind of sour cream). In our opinion, it was missing salt, and cumin rarely used in russian cuisine, mostly dill is used to flavour svekla salads. It was a little travel to russia.

As main course, Lamb kebab, from Turkey. It dressed with sumac and pistachios, served with salad. This dish was elegant to serve , despite the turkish presentations, but it was missing spices, and lamb greasy flavours. For instance, the lamb kebab is made out of 30% lamb tail fat, and %70 meat from tender 1st quality parts.
As a dessert we ordered two dishes, Ganache of chocolate from Guatemala, and Aromas Dulce de la Pequena Antillas, from Antillas.
Ganache of Chocolate was one of our favorites in this restaurant, we really liked it. It is rich, creamy, and so smooth.
Aromas was coffee and cacao pebbles served with banana icecream, and fresh coconut milk. It was a refreshing, and different dessert.

We tried two different wines, and one cava with our dinner. Vizcarra senda del Oro 2016, Pies Negros 2015, and Llopart Brut.

Vizcarra was strong, and full bodied where Pies Negros was softer, and less tannins. Llopart Brut was a nice normal cava.

We enjoyed, amazed, and stuffed fully with this venue!
Bon Profit!
The Bill:
All plates and beverages costed us 85,20 euros.

The Adress:
Carrer de l’Hospital, 104, 08001 Barcelona

A Catalan Soup “Escudella”

A recipe to celebrate yesterday’s political events in Catalonia… It will bring all people in the same table…
Let’s cook it together.

It was a long cooking this time. We had to go to farm, to butcher to gather all the necessary ingredients to make this soup. We hope you enjoy it. Our advice, you should definetely try to make it in cold days. As all we know, winter is coming.

We divided ingredients in 3 segments.


1 Leak
6 Carrot
2 Parsnip
2 Turnip
1 bunch Celery


100 g Jamon piece
1 The bone from jamon
1 Chicken bones, wings,
1 chicken feet
4 Pork trouters, 1 ear
500 g minced meat for Meatballs(pork,beef)

600 g Pasta
Secret ingredient(flour and pork fat mix)
70 g Breadcrumbs
3 eggs

Let’s dig into this complicated, rich, and delicious recipe!

1. Cook pig trouters, and ears in a boiling water till they are tender. It depends on their size. It took for us 3 hours.

2. Prepare a water in a big pot for making a base of broth.

3. Clean, and peel vegetables, and put into the water. There is no need to cut them, it will take like 1.5 hours to cook, so it is better they are whole.

4. Add jamon, jamon leg, chicken wings, feet and bones.

5. Make meatballs by simply mixing; 3 eggs, 70 gr of breadcrumbs, and half kilogragram of mixed(pork,beef) minced meat, salt and pepper.

6. Prepare a flour, salt mix to make meatballss, shape them into oval.

7. Add meatballs, and pork trouters, and pork ears.

8. Add secret ingredient, it is a ball that thickens the liquid, instead of using butter, it consists of pork fat, and flour.
9. Let it cook. Be patient.
10. Sieve all ingredients by seperating meat, and vegetables.
11. Cook pasta in the broth. Transfer into a serving bowl. Serve meat, vegetables, and pasta with broth seperately.

            This soup is a full meal, it has vegetables, pasta and full-load of meat, i hope you enjoy it with your family at a big table like it has to be!

                                                                     Bon profit! 


Baklava Kebabi at Sef Ibo (Mersin, Turkey)

Who would have thought to combine baklava (dessert), and kebap together? For years, our friends didnot believe its existence because it so weird to think about, they even thought that I am talking about Beyti Kebap which appearance is similar to the Baklava Kebap.

Guess what?! It exists, and i have evidence!¡

We visited one of the city’s from Anastasia’s childhood, one of the stops was this restaurant, that serving baklava kebab, ciger, and many other variety of kebap.

Long time before, Sef ibo was just a small cart, where he was cooking, but he has a succesful restaurant right now. The atmosphere is so small, as typical in turkish kebap places.

We ordered a baklava kebap to taste, and actually prove its existence.

Before the actual kebap, they served mezes as usual, there was ezme, grilled onion with pepperflakes, and potato salad.


Baklava kebap arrives… Imagine something meaty, sweet, and full of pistachios. The kebap was wrapped into a thin lavas, placed around sweet yoghurt, with sugar syrup, and pistachios on top.

One portion is sufficiently enough for two people, because there is so much mezes as well…
It was really nice, definetely something to try, if you are in Mersin…

                                                                          Enjoy this delicacy!
The Bill:
We paid around 35 liras with drinks, mezes were free.

The Adress:
Viranşehir Mahallesi, 34320. Sk. No:14, 33340 Mezitli/Mersin, Turquia


La Mundana (Barcelona, Catalunya)

A gastronomic vermuteria…
A place to be filled with delicious innovative tapas. We decided to try this place because Pol is currently working here, and last year it was chosen the best restaurant in Barcelona.
IMG_0150 - copia
It is a small place with open kitchen, you can see chefs cooking, plating your dishes. The atmosphere and design of the restaurant is very modern, and lightful. If you are outside, you can feel like you are dragging to it.
Let’s get started to our delicious, and thoughtful innovative dinner…
Before we started, we ordered a vermut to take time to look at the menu.

IMG_0151 - copia

We ordered patatas bravas, smoked butter with bread, smoked burrata, pig trouter carpaccio, stuffed courgette flower, scallops with cansalada, and as a dessert torri-xuxxo.

We chose a young Jovent wine to accompony our dinner. The wine was fruity, mid-tannin, and ecological.

Before our plates came, they brought us complementery Cucurucho. It served with russian salad filling, vitel tone foam, and basil brotes. As a russian person, I recommend it to try.
Smoked Butter with Bread
It was magnificent, we ordered twice, we really enjoyed mildly smoked flavor of butter, with the fresh, grilled bread. It was brilliant! The presentation was simple, and neat.
Patatas Bravas
Potatoes Potatoes Potatoes… As butter the main ingredient in French cuisine, potatoes has the main role in my life.  I try potatoes in every shape, in every place.. This one was remarkable, it had black garlic allioli, and brava sauce. It is crispy outside, but rich and creamy inside. The dish completely flavored with French espelette pepper.
Pig Trouter Carpaccio
When you eat pig trouter, it is soft, and elastic, full of cartilage. This one was easy to eat, and served with black salt, pistachios, chives, salad and mustard vinaigrette. It was delicious.
Smoked Burrata
Burrata was smoked a la minute, in the smoke chamber.It was really soft, and fresh, served with salad, and smoked eggplant. The burrata had a distinct smoky flavour, but aurbergine wasnot so smoked compared to the burrata, the smoky flavour was mild. Overall, we enjoyed the dish so much…
Stuffed Courgette flower
A courgette flower stuffed with brandade of bacalao and fried with tempura batter. It served with chipotle salsa, courgette, pea brots and pernod (a kind of aperativo). The salsa was amazing, and the dish is perfectly balanced. It was one of our favorites.
Scallops grilled, with pancetta served with deer jus, and broccoli bennie, grilled orange, and red-orange foam. It was sooo delicious. This was our favorite. You should definitely try!
Torri-Xuxo and Grappa
The torri-xuxo is a mutation of Torrija and Xuxo. The brioche was soft and buttery, and the cream was rich and silky. The grappa paired nicely with this soft dessert.

This restaurant is highly recommendable! Enjoy it!

The Bill:
We had two vermuts, one small beer, wine, and all of this plates to share. We paid 90 euros. Russian salad, one of the breads, grappas, and herb liquor, and coffee were free, as compliment of restaurant due to Pol.
The Adress:
Carrer del Vallespir, 93, 08014 Barcelona
Reservation required, open for Lunch, and Dinner.


Metanet Beyran Salonu (Gaziantep, Turkey)

An old traditional soup… This soup has around 500 years of history. In Gaziantep, people are eating this soup in the morning, and at late-night. 

We decided to try this soup, before we leave the city… There is 3-4 the best places in Gaziantep, but most of them opened at night, and very early in the morning. One of them was open in the afternoon, so we took our chance.

We went to Metanet Beyran Salonu which is located in historical center of the city.

We ordered only one beyran soup, because we were not hungry, and we just had to try it.

They are putting rice, and meat into the dish, then they are filling it with broth and give it a burst of flames. At the end, they are adding a big amount of pepperflaked infused butter…
The meat is from lamb, the neck, the shank, the arm…

It was magnificent, we liked it so much, it is a complete meal, it has rice, meat and soup.  It is spicy, and full of garlic. They serve it with bread, and assorment of lemon, pepper. What else can you ask for?

You must try beyran if you come to Gaziantep, and Metanet is one of the best options.

                                                            Enjoy the soup!

The Bill:
1 beyran costs 17 liras.

The Adress:
Kozluca Mahallesi, Kozluca Caddesi, No:11, Tabakhane, Gaziantep Merkez, Gaziantep